Hi, my name is Maja (read Maya) and I’m from Poland. I am a psychologist by training but I don’t work as a psychologist.

Long ago, when I was still in high school, I wanted to be a biotechnologist. I began to realize my plans at Warsaw University, but pretty soon it turned out that it’s not so interesting… At the beginning of the second year I made a decision to resign and a year later I started studies at the College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences with the main field at Psychology. Despite the hardships and repeated thoughts “why do I need this studies”, I managed to get through to the end. I used to work in digital marketing, now I’m a developer, I like it and psychology is my hobby.

The name “NeuroSkoki” comes from neurobiology and neuropsychology which I was very interested in few years ago, and from “skoki spadochronowe” which means “skydiving”. I used to skydive and I did about 240 jumps but now I’m not so fascinated in it. I am also not so fascinated in neurobiology and this is why I write also about other fields of psychology, but still, I keep away from Freud and psychoanalysis ;)

I’ve been running a blog since 2009 and some time ago I decided to translate it in English. There are still many articles only in Polish but in free time I translate them to English. I have also travel blog in English and in Polish: majatravels.com.

You can contact me writing at maja.kochanowska@neuroskoki.pl