• mądry obrazek mózgu

    Brain images make the article seem more reliable

    Even if the article does not make much sense, inserting a photo of the brain scan into it makes the article more “scientific” and credible for readers. The content that sounds “neuroscientific” is also relevant to readers. Phrases such as “brain scans have shown” and referring to concepts in this field of science cause the…

  • szkoła

    Chronotype of teenagers, or why lessons in schools should start at 11 am

    Chronotype is a feature that determines what time of activity the body prefers. People with the morning chronotype are commonly called “morning larks” and people with the evening chronotype – “night owls“. Like all our traits, it is partly genetically determined, and partly other factors – social, cultural and environmental. And like any other feature…

  • zatrzymanie akcji serca

    AWAreness during REsuscitation – results of the study

    In the article on the Near Death Experiences, I mentioned research that was to answer the question of whether it is possible to separate from the body, which is sometimes reported by survivors of cardiac arrest. Learn about the results of the research.

  • facebook

    Facebook and personality

    Some have 50 friends, others 500. Some update their status once every few months, while others share each kilometer run and every dinner eaten. How do such people differ in terms of personality?

  • geje

    Homosexuality – congenital or acquired?

    Some say that sexual orientation is genetically determined and therefore impossible to change, while others believe that it arises during life, so we have influence on it and we can change. In part, they both are right but also in part both are wrong.

  • melatonina

    Melatonin not only for sleep

    Melatonin is known as the “sleep hormone”, but its importance for the body is much broader. It influences, among others the immune system, it is a powerful antioxidant, and newer studies indicate that it can be helpful in the treatment of obesity, osteoporosis and other common diseases in the elderly.

  • strzykawki

    Vaccine dispute from a psychological perspective

    There has long been a dispute over the safety of vaccines on the internet and in the media. It started with thimerosal vaccines that are supposed to cause autism, but recently I have been hearing more and more voices about the harmfulness of all vaccinations. I don’t want to stand on either side in this…

  • agorafobia

    What is agoraphobia?

    Agoraphobia is sometimes defined as fear of open space, but in fact it is not open space that causes fear in people who suffer from this disorder. It is a more complicated and not fully understood disorder.

  • khat

    Cathinone and methcathinone – little known drugs

    In certain circles probably well known, but for me not until recently at all. Cathinone and methcathinone – how they work, how they are obtained, and the risk of taking them. Anticipating the questions – I didn’t try, I only rummaged in books and the Internet ;)

  • prozopagnozja

    Face blindness or prosopagnosia

    It seems obvious to us that we recognize our friends, neighbors and family, we can see them in a group of strangers and recognize them even if they change their hair style or dress. However, there are people for whom this is a problem. Prosopagnosia, i.e. the inability to recognize a face, can make life…