• w depresji

    Lack of sleep as a treatment of depression

    Insomnia often accompanies depression, but it turns out that lack of sleep can also help treat depression. This was first noticed in the 1970s, when sleep deprivation studies were conducted to better understand depression. Surprisingly, in people with symptoms of depression, deprivation of sleep caused an improvement in mood. No mood changes were noted in…

  • kwasy omega-3

    Omega-3 fatty acids and mental health

    It is widely known about the beneficial effects of omega-3 fatty acids on the cardiovascular system, but not everyone knows that these compounds also have a positive effect on mental health. The nervous system contains over 60% fatty acids, of which 30% are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which include omega-3 fatty acids. They take part in…

  • szklany sufit

    Women more prejudiced to men than men to women?

    It is known that women often have more difficulties in the labor market than men. There are many reasons, including stereotypes about women, other standards for the evaluation of men and women, condescending treatment of women by men, male solidarity in the work environment and lack of feminine solidarity, women’s unbelief in their skills, motherhood… (1) 

  • test rorschacha

    20 Psychology Myths

    In society, many myths concerning various branches of psychology are commonplace. I would like to refute some of them and pass on knowledge in line with scientific research. You will also find out where some myths come from and why they are so popular.

  • skateboarding

    Risk through the eyes of risk takers

    Talking with my skydiver friends, I got the impression that some of them do not appreciate the risk involved in practicing this sport, thinking that you can also harm yourself at home or walking along the street. This led me to wonder how generally people who engage in various risky sports approach the dangers associated with…

  • kim peek

    Savant syndrome – unusual abilities due to disability?

    The twins John and Michael were able to say what happened and what was the weather every day of their lives, since they were four years old. They were able to repeat even a 300-digit number and specify what was or will be the day of the week on any day of the 40 000…

  • grzybki halucynogenne

    Therapeutic hallucinogens

    Already in the 50’s it was noted that psychedelic drugs, also called hallucinogens may have a therapeutic effect. Some studies of these years have shown that these substances can be helpful in treating addiction and alleviate the psychological suffering of terminally ill patients. In the 60’s, researchers in the US found that LSD and DPT given…

  • śpiąca kobieta

    Why it is worth to sleep

    For those who believe that it is a waste of life to sleep, because “they will sleep after death” – a new article. About why it is better though to have enough sleep during life. Lack of sleep negatively affects mood, motivation, social and emotional skills, communication skills, creativity, memory, decision-making ability, immune system, cardiovascular system and even…

  • doświadczenie obe

    Near Death Experiences

    Probably everyone has heard from more or less reliable sources about people who have survived clinical death and their stories about watching their body from the top, the light in the tunnel, and other mysterious experiences. Some argue that these experiences are proof of life after death, others treat such stories as fairy tales, and yet…

  • dzieci

    Empathy in children. Piaget was not right.

    Are young children capable of empathy? The article describes the study of the 70s., where Helene Borke proves that, yes. Empathy is a fundamental process underlying the human interaction and communication. It seems as important for interpersonal development as intelligence for cognitive. By observations of spontaneous language of children, their behavior when they play, and coping with…